Saffron Saison - Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Saffron Saison

Wild Saison with Saffron, Sweet Orange Peel, & Indian Coriander


A rare blossom of delicate flavors

  • The Flavors

    • ingredients

      Sweet Orange Peel, Indian Coriander, Spanish Saffron

    • yeast

      Saison II, Amalgamation II Brett blend

    Saffron is considered to be the most expensive spice in the world. After discovering that few have brewed with it, we knew we had to try it out! We created a Belgian-style saison, infused with the stigma of a rare flower, along with orange peel and coriander. The resulting beer is a bright gold color, with bold aromas of orange blossom, limoncello, and an earthy saffron and funk character. The beer is well-balanced with a champagne-like carbonation. Santé!


    • 375 ml bottles

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