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Firestone Beer Is Family Business

Firestone Beer
Is Family Business

Born in a humble shed on the back-forty of the family vineyard, Firestone Walker is a California beer company like no other — founded by two brothers-in-law who simply wanted to make the perfect beer.

Beer Before Glory

Our mission is to honor world-class beer culture, its traditions, and disciplines in our relentless pursuit of the perfect beer.

We Are
Firestone Walker
Brewing Company

Our aim is to create a home and culture that enables our Brewery family to thrive, develop, and define their future. A Brewery that honors world-class beer culture, traditions, and discipline.

Everything we do is ultimately driven by the belief that beautiful beer care- fully made is worthwhile, and the friendships we make along the way are the greatest rewards of this endeavor.

Ruby Martinez – Shopper Marketing Manager

“Personally, I am incredibly proud to say I am first generation Hispanic and as a target consumer I get to share my culture and heritage with this incredible organization.”

Joe Cappelluti – Warehouse Manager

“What I have grown to appreciate is Firestone Walker has grown to be a relatively large company while maintaining many interpersonal small company values.”

Joanne Lodato – Executive Assistant

“I love working at Firestone Walker because I work alongside hardworking individuals who care about maintaining a successful company while simultaneously supporting each other. Great company, great people.”

Attila Vertes – National Accounts Manager

“My job allows me to have a sense of ownership and tremendous pride in what I do and who I do it for…the craft beer drinker”

Lisa Rogalsky – Controller

“Besides the people, culture, benefits, and great beer, for me, it’s going to a grocery store or an event and seeing our beer and people enjoying it, knowing that I play a part in that.”

Ryan Hamill – Brewer/Cellar Operator

“I take a lot of pride in our finished project; we make world class beers and I love being part of that.”

Our Guiding Principles

Artisanal Stewards Of Craft

We are an honest family enterprise in pursuit of the perfect beer. Our word is our bond, and above all else, we value integrity, fairness, hard work, and modesty in all we do.


The details matter in all we do. We take results personally and demand accountability.

Fast And Resilient

We are comfortable and resilient in uncertain environments. We embrace change and are ready to grow and adapt to what the future may bring.

Leaders By Example

We guide as much through our behaviors as our words.

Focused And Uncomplex

We value simplicity and avoid the complex. Although we are curious we are proudly disciplined in our focus to execute what is truly meaningful to our mission.

Mission Before Ego

We fight as one to solve complex issues and thrive. Teamwork and collaboration are a must.


  • Paid Time Off

    13 days in the first year and 9 paid holidays, with accrual increases every 5 years.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Free assistance for Behavioral Health, Legal and Financial Advice, ID recovery, Dependent Care and Crisis consultation.

  • Health Benefits

    Choice of Medical plans inclusive of Vision and Dental, plus Term Life Insurance.

  • Discounts

    Special pricing on merchandise, taproom eats and of course, beer!

  • 401K & Flexible Spending Account

    401k 4% match & Profit Sharing contributions, and an available healthcare Flexible Spending account.

  • Paid Sick Leave

    Accrued and available in accordance with company policy.



Home of the Barrelworks program and experimental wild ales

Paso Robles

Large scale brewing operation taproom and corporate headquarters


Experimental collaborations and marketing headquarters