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California pFriemin’

Collaboration Saison Ale


A classic style with a collaborative twist.

  • The Flavors

    • malts

      Dingman Pilsner, Yolo Gold, Spelt

    • hops

      Blanc T45, Nelson, Blanc

    • yeast

      Dupont Saison, Beersal Brettanomyces

    Working with pFriem Family Brewers has long been a goal of ours. From the small riverside port of Hood River, Oregon, Josh Pfriem has quietly been taking the beer world by storm with his brewing mastery. Brewing Belgian styles is one of pFriem’s signatures, so brewing a mix-fermentation Saison with them seemed fitting. The keystone of any quality Saison is the microflora used in fermentation, and keeping with tradition we chose the classic Dupont yeast strain for its distinctive farmhouse aromas and characteristics. We sourced Belgian Dingemans Pilsner Malt, Admiral Yolo Gold Wheat Malt, and rustic spelt to achieve a luscious, golden straw body and pillowy mouthfeel. We dry-hopped the beer post-fermentation with New Zealand Nelson and German Blanc hops to add the subtle touch of tropical fruit aromas in balance with earthy saison notes. No Barrelworks beer would be complete without adding our wild fingerprint, so we included Brettanomyces yeast to condition and carbonate this gem of a beer. This beer was made with friends – we hope you enjoy it with yours.


    • 375 ml bottles

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