Welcome to The Chorus!

The 2024 Brewmaster’s Collective Beer Club season is rolling on, and with some serious momentum. The items in this collection can be likened to the chorus of a song in that it is often the most memorable and enjoyable part of the experience. Just like how the chorus of a song brings everything together and leaves a lasting impression, these beers have the ability to enhance social gatherings and create a sense of camaraderie among friends.

We consider this collection to be the pinnacle of all things decadent, where every intricate detail of each beer and its ingredients not only sing but exclaims “opulence” and “extravagance.” From using the most expensive spice in the world in our Saffron Saison to using The Lion’s catchy moniker for a one-hundred-dollar bill with “Bendy Foldies,” each piece of this Chorus Collection tells a rich and unique story.

We’ve also enhanced this collection’s tasting experience with our own playlist that’s tailor-made for the chorus collection. Have a listen to it above, and then let’s hear about some of the magnificent beers on offer in this world-class lineup.


Barrel Aged Stout with Amburana Wood 

Our iconic Parabola imperial stout lands with an exotic twist in this limited small-batch release.

The story of this beer began when we selected 24 standout casks of bourbon barrel-aged Parabola and other special strong ales. Next, we combined these beers and infused the blend with Amburana wood, which is prized for its beautiful baking spice flavors. The result is a beer that takes Parabola’s richness and intensity to another dimension with Amburana-derived notes of cinnamon, gingerbread, and waffle cones.

Enjoy this beer now, or cellar in a cool dark place between 45 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. From there, allow it to warm up in the glass before serving, and enjoying.

Paramburana is available to the public in select states now.


Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter

Straight out of Venice, California comes Into The Starkness, a barrel-aged Baltic porter conceived at our Propagator R&D brewhouse.

The journey of Into the Starkness began when we brewed and lagered a special batch of porter at the Propagator, creating an intensely dark and remarkably smooth base beer. We then trucked the beer up the coast to our main brewery in Paso Robles, where it was racked to eight bourbon barrels for a full year of ageing.

The result is a masterpiece of Baltic Porter goodness, displaying flavors of roasted malts, milk chocolate, toffee, and dark rustic grains. Good news if your mouth’s already watering too, because Into The Starkness is available to the public at our store now.  


Saison with Saffron, Sweet Orange Peel, and Indian Coriander

Saffron is considered to be the most expensive spice in the world. So, after discovering that few have brewed with it, we knew we had to try it out!

We created a Belgian-style saison and then infused it with the stigma of a rare flower along with orange peel and coriander. The resulting beer is a bright gold color, with bold aromas of orange blossom, limoncello, and an earthy saffron and funk character. It’s well-balanced with a champagne-like carbonation that makes you want to say, “Santé!” after every sip.

Exclusive as the ingredients may be, we want to share this beer with everyone! You can shop Saffron Saison in our store now.


Barrel-aged Stout with Vanilla Beans, Cocoa Nibs & Toasted Coconut

Our first Brewmaster’s Collective Exclusive of the batch, we’ve done a contemporary twist on fan-favorite throwback. In celebration of our first ever released Brewmaster’s Collective Exclusive beer, Dark Ray, we proudly introduce Darker Ray, a heightened, more robust, and deeper iteration of the 2021 offering.

Crafted with nearly 200 pounds of coconut, 125 pounds of cocoa nibs, and 20 pounds of Madagascar Vanilla, this Barrel-aged stout delivers a burst of flavor with every indulgent sip. Evoking memories of chocolate coconut cookies and velvety vanilla bean ice cream, this beer doesn’t just whisper but boldly proclaims itself as the ultimate dessert experience.


Double Oaked Ale with Red Foxy Vanilla Beans & Toasted Pistachios

Another Brewmaster’s Collective Exclusive, Bendy Folds was crafted with no consideration of cost.

How so? Well, after a year of maturation in barrels, Double DBA liquid was re-racked into freshly emptied 30-year Heaven Hill bourbon casks and then piled on freshly scraped vanilla beans and toasted pistachios to accentuate its luxuriousness.

That, and, in homage to the Lion’s preferred beer and base of this beast, we named this one after David Walker’s playful colloquialism for $100 bills. The whimsical nickname reflects the creativity and inspiration that went into crafting the beer, infusing it with a delightful charm and personality. It highlights the dedication and attention to detail that were poured into every aspect of its creation, ensuring that no expense was spared in delivering a truly exceptional product. Don’t pass by Bendy Foldies… it’s better than a hundred-dollar bill.

And if all that wasn’t enough to make your heart sing, we also included a custom Ekster aluminium cardholder to store all your other, actual Bendy Foldies.

So, to those that’s enjoying any of these one-of-a-kind beers: cheers. And if you’re now, well just know that, if you’re interested in world-class beers like Darker Ray (and in getting tons of additional perks like discounts on beer, merch, and taproom visits and access to members-only events), consider joining the waitlist for the 2025 season of our Brewmaster’s Collective beer club.

Enrollment is open to those 21 and over in California, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Learn more about what membership entails at the club website.