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Barrel-Aged Stout with Amburana Wood


Aged with Brazilian amburana wood staves previously used for cachaça

  • The Flavors

    • aging

      24 months in 12-year Elijah Craig Bourbon & 6-year Old Fitzgerald & Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey

    Our iconic Parabola imperial stout lands with an exotic twist in this limited small-batch release. The story of this beer began when we selected 24 standout casks of bourbon barrel-aged Parabola and other special strong ales. Next, we combined these beers and infused the blend with Amburana wood, which is prized for its beautiful baking spice flavors. The result is a beer that takes Parabola’s richness and intensity to another dimension with Amburana-derived notes of cinnamon, gingerbread, and waffle cone. Enjoy this beer now, or cellar in a cool, dark place between 45˚F and 55˚F. Allow it to warm up in the glass when serving.


    • 12 oz bottles
    • Draft

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