As our own Brewmaster, Matt Brynildson, puts it, there’s a vastness to the Mind Haze universe. It’s out there, and some parts require serious tastebuds afterburners to explore properly.

But once those kick in, you can just open up your fridge, put your feet up, and get ready to set a course for tropically smooth and deliciously intense hazy IPA perfection. A singularity of taste, haze, and seriously good beer, Brain Melter is proudly going where no beer has gone before. And now it’s time to make first mouth-to-pint-glass contact with it in our latest episode of Beer Talk.

“Beautiful haze, beautiful foam, and a stunning aroma,” says Matt just about every time he holds up a glass of hazy perfection. “This is a serious beer in a somewhat playful package.”

Get his full breakdown of this absolute closed-fist flavor punch of a beer below and then read on to have your mind melted by the magic of this Tropical Hazy IPA.

Over the past five years, our Mind Haze Hazy Tropical IPA has become more than our best-selling beer… it’s become something more powerful entirely.

Mind Haze Tropical IPA is the seed that has grown into a family of Mind Haze IPAs that we have now harvested, squeezed, and are serving up as we take things to the next level in 2024. In the words of Matt: “Mind Haze is one of our most celebrated beers and has become a playground where we explore our wildest ideas on where IPAs can go.”

With a 8.5% ABV, Brain Melter is one deliciously, flavor-packed beer that throws its full weight around. Dry-hopped twice, with double the normal amount of hops, to create a unique experience of mind-melding textures and flavors. The result is a flavor-fueled odyssey that unleashes a torrent of tropical sensations.

The secret to Brain Melter? A blend of hops focused on Vic Secret, Strata and Citra. “We did a lot of trials and everyone on the brewing team picked this hop combination,” Matt says. “It was ultra-tropical and expressive with a pleasing roundness. There’s a seamless connection between the smooth, malt-derived texture and the juicy hop character.”

Mind Haze Brain Melter Hazy Imperial IPA is available now in all Firestone Walker markets in canned (12-oz) six packs and 19.2-oz single-serve cans as a year-round offering. It will also be included in a 12-oz twelve-can variety pack alongside Mind Haze Brain Melter Hazy Imperial IPA and the original Mind Haze Hazy Tropical IPA.

“Brain Melter is ultimately a beer that doubles down on everything we love about Mind Haze–mouthwatering tropical flavors with a bit more octane to give it an extra punch,” Matt adds in, just before you leave.

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