If we could bottle or can up some fresh water from the base of Yosemite Falls and add in some brewing magic using good, old-fashioned Central Coast intuition for the ultimate California beer, it’d probably taste just like this. 

We like to think of our new Firestone IPA as less of a reboot and more of a reminder of just how good a West Coast IPA can be. A future-forward IPA born of West Coast roots and Firestone Walker flair, every can, bottle, or draft pour of this crisp, clear, and just about perfect. And can you really ask for much more when you’re searching out a delicious beer? 

It’s the topic of today’s Beer Talk too. Tune in below to get Matt’s breakdown of the West Coast IPA style, the West Coast way of living, and more.

After you’re done, you can read on to get the lowdown on all things Firestone IPA, a beer that will surely make its way to your fridge here soon. If it isn’t there already, that is.

Drawing from our brewery’s nearly 20 years of experience with the ever-evolving West Coast IPA style, Firestone IPA was forged from various tricks learned from brewing Union Jack, Luponic Distortion and Hopnosis. They’ve all been incorporated into a single beer that rings all of the bells of a modern California IPA. Or, a Firestone IPA, rather. 

Every can and bottle represents the current state of IPA in the Golden State. They have some pretty nice label work, too. A light pale malt base lets the hops take center stage here, showcasing the expressive fruity and dank aromatics of Mosaic, Strata, and Citra hops. Citra Incognito hop extract from Haas is a flowable whirlpool extract that adds more Citra impact in the brewhouse. All these layers come together to make a flavorful IPA with huge aromatic notes of mango, blueberry, and clementine.

We’re sure all this talking about beer is making you thirsty. Thankfully, you can stock up on beer with our Beer Finder now. You can find the Firestone IPA exclusively in our new IPA Mixed Packs now wherever you regularly enjoy our beers.