Firestone Walker’s Beer Talk series is back for 2024 as Brewmaster Matt Brynildson lets his mind wander into the all-new “Into the Haze” IPA Variety Pack.

Join Matt as he tunes into the mindbending frequencies of Mind Haze. In true Mind Haze fashion, things get psychedelic rather quickly as Matt explains how we’ve tripled down on our bestselling family of beers, which started with the launch of the original Mind Haze Hazy Tropical IPA five years ago.

Grab a pack, crack some cold ones and find yourself wandering Into the Haze:

“Mind Haze is Firestone Walker’s Wild West, it’s uncharted territories of the universe, we can do just about anything we’d like with it,” Matt says.

Enter two new additions to the family starting now: Mind Haze Brain Melter (brain, Matt, BRAIN) Hazy Imperial IPA at 8.5% ABV, and Cosmic Crusher Juicy Imperial IPA at 9.5% ABV. You can find them all in individual six packs or 19.2 single serve tallboys—or, even better, you can try them all together in the new variety pack that is rolling out this week.

Matt calls Cosmic Crusher “our 9.5-alcohol ‘FoCo’ IPA—absolutely, devilishly delicious.” As for Brain Melter, “it’s our most luscious double IPA that we’ve ever produced.” Wanna learn more about each beer? Check our recent deep dives on Mind Haze Hazy Tropical IPA, Mind Haze Brain Melter Hazy Imperial IPA and Cosmic Crusher Juicy Imperial IPA.

You’ll also see that the original Mind Haze Hazy now lands with a new “see it from space” design that is matched by the electrifying looks of Brain Melter and Cosmic Crusher. Mind Haze beers are now a work of art, inside and outside the can.