In our latest video series, Beer Talk, we join Brewmaster Matt Brynildson at the Firestone Walker bar to, well, talk about beer. In the edition, we step into the world of Mind Haze, a hazy IPA done the Firestone way. Created after a full year of experimentation at our Propragator R&D brewhouse in Venice Beach, California, Mind Haze is a beer that breaks the mold with explosive hop aroma. If you want to hear about what happens when you smash old-world ideas with unique, new-world concepts into one spectacularly hazy beer, click play below now.

In the Hazy IPA episode, Matt starts off by telling us that, “In brewing school, this beer would’ve given me a failing grade.” It’s hard to believe, but Matt was reluctant to brew Hazy IPAs at the start. That all changed after he took a trip to Germany, however. Watch along to hear about Matt’s Hazy IPA journey, how Hazy IPAs are brewed with equal parts tradition and evolution, and how Mind Haze and Double Mind Haze are the perfect Hazy IPAs, only turned up to 11.

If you’re like us, all this Beer Talk will make you pretty thirsty. Luckily for you, you can find Mind Haze and Double Mind Haze at any of our three locations and at Firestone Walker retailers. Use our Beer Finder and pick up the coldest six-pack near you today.

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