If some beers pack a punch, then Cosmic Crusher packs an entire, full-blown, fists-thrown, high-kicking, and bodies-flying kung-fu movie action sequence. 

It’s also the focus of our latest episode of Beer Talk, our original series with Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. Today, we’re joining Matt as he cracks into, sips, and waxes 9.5% ABV-worth of galaxy hops with a juicy yeast strain and explosive, tropical characteristics -poetic about this out-of-this-world Imperial IPA. 

If Mind Haze is a beer with training wheels, then Cosmic Crusher is the beer your dad is holding when he comes in hot, rips them off, and sends you screaming down the hill. So, grab your helmet, grab one from the fridge, and let’s wander Into The Haze: 

Strong Imperial IPAs have started to pop up all over the country, and Cosmic Crusher is our take on it. Less a spit shine and more a proper detailing on the style, Cosmic Crusher is loaded with explosive flavors of pineapple and mango. Every can is an invitation to mix juicy bliss with g-force (Great Beer Force), cosmic intensity. 

Matt calls Cosmic Crusher our effort, to “Give credit to beers made on the front range of Colorado: strong Imperial IPAs.” And if you didn’t notice already, it is strong. Nine-point-five ABV strong, if you need it spelt out.

But is it too strong? Well, just ask Matt: “I have no problem drinking a 9.5% beer at this time of the day.” — Matt Brynildson, as stated at 9:13 am on a weekday. 

If you want to expand your mind by tapping into the rest of the Mind Haze universe, you can in our latest episode of Beer Talk: Mind Haze. You can also get acquainted with Cosmic Crushers partner in good beer time, Brain Melter, here.