Nothing beats the open road, and if that open road is tackled with two friends and an off-road vehicle, even better. In Dylan Efron’s latest episode of Flow State, he takes two of his close friends, Maddison and Riley McKibbin, on an off-roading Polaris adventure. Watch as these three guys tackle a 40-mile trail through the California desert.

If you are like us and have been inspired by this adventure and are itching to test your off-road abilities, we have found the top ten off-roading areas in California.

Johnson Valley OHV Area – seen on Efron’s latest episode

Johnson Valley is home to much of Southern California’s desert racing competitions. The terrain allows for varying different experiences. Whether you want to tackle small dunes or try your hand at navigating rock outcroppings, Johnson Valley has it. If you are looking for guided tours or vehicle rentals, check out Happy Trails.

Imperial Sand Dunes and Glamis

Glamis is one of America’s favorite adult sandboxes and has numerous different levels of sand experiences. If you are a beginner to this sort of terrain, there are smaller, more manageable dunes. If you are an experienced rider or driver, then the giant faces and steep bowls will probably offer the thrill you are looking for.

Hungry Valley SVRA

Not only does Hungry Valley have over 100 miles of trails and lots of incredible views and scenic viewpoint, but there are helpful skill assignments to the routes so you don’t find yourself biting off more than you can chew.

Jawbone Canyon and Dove Springs

These are actually two different areas that share boundaries and many trails. Together they have 8,570 acres open for exploring, with steep canyons, hill climbs, courses, and plenty of scenic vistas to enjoy.

Oceano Dunes SVRA

These dunes are in our backyard just thirty-minutes south of our main brewing facility in Paso Robles. Not only are they great for off-roading adventures, but they also offer people places for swimming, surfing, fishing, and hiking.

Dumont Dunes OHV Area

The Dumont Dunes Area is smaller than the Glamis and Imperial Sand Dunes, with only 7,620 acres. It is more suited towards experienced riders and drivers as it consists of primarily big bowls, steep climbs, and flowing transitions.

Spangler Hills OHV Area

One of the few OHV areas with direct access to a town and all of its facilities, along with Cuddeback Dry Lake, Searles Station, Wagon Wheel, and Red Mountain, Spangler Hills revolves around the living ghost town of Randsburg. There are designated routes for off-roaders to take so they can enjoy all the town has to offer.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA

This area has 85,000 acres of varied terrain with lots of room to test your limits. If that isn’t enough for you, the area borders large BLM land tracts open to off-road vehicles. Lots of beautiful sights, including a few geothermal sites.

California City

This last area is a bit different from the other listed as it is an actual city. It is one of the few cities to be open to off-road vehicles. It has many OHV routes throughout the city that link up to other OHV areas like Randsburg, Spangler Hills, and Jawbone Canyon. Ideal for beginners and families.

Of course, you will need to end your off-roading adventures with a crisp, cold Firestone beer. To find out where you can locate our beers close to these areas, check out our beer finder.