Our friend Dylan Efron is at it again. This time, he takes professional beach volleyball players and brothers, Riley and Maddison Mckibbin, on a Polaris off-roading adventure. Efron takes the brothers just 2 hours outside of Los Angeles to Johnson Valley in San Bernadino, watch as the trio embarks on a 20-mile trail through the rocky California desert.

The Oahu natives grew up playing volleyball in their backyard and continued their unique journey as the only brothers to play on the same high school, college, and professional team. Having tackled the indoor court playing professionally in Europe, the beach on both the AVP and FIVB tours and even taking their talents to the snow where they are ranked #1 in the world for FIVB Snow Volleyball.

The brothers’ latest adventures can be seen on this season of CBS’s The Amazing Race.

Efron has known these bearded brothers through working with Lulu Lemon, as they are all ambassadors for the brand, and admires their can-do attitude. He knew they would be perfect for the series as they are always up for anything and not afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

Watch as these three guys take on a trail that is filled with tight turns, boulders, and dust ending at a spectacular Joshua Tree forest with 40-to-50-foot trees that have been there for hundreds of years. Polaris vehicles are known for their durability, power, and ability to tackle any terrain that mother nature may throw at you.

In the latest episode of Flowstate, Dylan and the Mckibbin brothers put this to the test and find out just how far they can push the off-road machines before they reach their limit.

Watch Flow State our adventure series with Dylan Efron here.