Last week we announced our partnership with Dylan Efron for our new adventure series, Flow State.

For the first episode, Efron took Olympic and X Games gold medalist, Leticia Bufoni, rock climbing in Chatsworth, California. Bufoni faced her fear of heights while Efron dusted off his skateboard for the first time in years with the Brazilian legend.

We recently caught up with Efron to get a little look into the episode.

The Perfect Adventure

Being an avid climber himself, Efron knew it would be fun to create an episode of Flow State showcasing rock climbing.

When it came to finding the right rock to climb, Efron was keen to show what someone could do within the vicinity of Los Angeles. Two places came to mind: Stoney Point in Chatsworth and Malibu Creek Canyon. Unfortunately, Malibu Creek Canyon had some logistical issues, so they opted for Stoney Point.

It shows how there are some amazing outdoor parks and areas right under your nose in LA if you look for them. I like the dichotomy of being right in the middle of a sprawling city.

— Dylan Efron

Fortunately, Stoney Point was the perfect place for a beginner climber such as Bufoni. It is a popular climbing spot with a big community. According to Efron, you see the same faces and people there, and it has climbs and boulders for all levels making it a perfect spot to challenge Bufoni on her greatest fear.

Choosing the Right Celebrity Guest

When it came to inviting someone along for the climb, it was a no brainer for Efron. He and Bufoni are both apart of the GoPro network, and he has been her fan for a while. Drawn to her effortlessly cool demeanor and fearlessness in the face of new adventures, she was the perfect guest to bring along for this episode of the adventure series.

We even get to see that calm, fearlessness put to the test when she admits that she is afraid of heights yet throws herself full force into the day without hesitation.

“We see her excel at climbing; one wouldn’t have even known she was scared,” said Efron.

Efron’s favorite part of the experience was just how willing Bufoni was to keep pace and continue to climb. They even ended up bouldering well into the night with the crew of climbers Efron had assembled to help and continued to climb after the cameras had turned off.

It was just an amazing night, and we were all having fun… that’s what the shows about to me, and I think it comes across in this episode.

— Dylan Efron