When you’re a full-time adventurer like Dylan Gordon who splits his time on the road, in the mountains, and in the ocean, being told to stay put can be challenging.

Born and raised on the Central Coast of California, Dylan is an outdoor enthusiast, always looking for the next adventure. And as a photographer, Dylan selects locations with picturesque backdrops where he and his buddies can ride, swim, surf, or climb while capturing it all on film to share with the world.

Sheltering in place gives us lots of time to look back on some of Dylan’s awesome adventures, including a trip to Utah to find those hidden gems.

Although disappointed to not be able to experience the snow on this trip, Dylan found an unforgettable alternative. Two hours south of Salt Lake City there is a natural hot spring located on a farm. To experience a different aspect of Salt Lake City and take full advantage of the rad weather, Dylan and his friend Jean loaded up the truck with their dogs Bruno and Rory and headed south.

Never need much of an excuse to chase hot springs in my opinion.

— Dylan Gordon

Like many of Dylan’s favorite spots, this is a top-secret locals-only. He is a big advocate for taking the time to learn through locals and to respect those that are living in these areas. The best way to see a new place is through the people that live there.

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