Sitting still and watching the world go by is not something that is in Dylan Gordon’s wheelhouse. Through his work and travels, he has gathered a close group of rippers, shredders and frothers based in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a group, they frequently ‘surf the earth’ and chase powder together.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Dylan’s latest trip to Salt Lake to explore uncharted areas, drink cold beer and take full advantage of the snow.

They generally stick to the Wasatch region but aren’t too picky about where they go. There are a ton of rad areas that are just a stone’s throw away from Salt Lake, and this group of backcountry boarders isn’t afraid to explore new territories.

It’s grand and dangerous but it’s beautiful and endless.

— Dylan Gordon

To Dylan, splitboarding is the purest way to experience all that the mountains have to offer. A person has to earn their turns and make their own trail, but at the end of the day, it’s a whole lot of fun getting away from the crowds – even when the mountains kick your butt in the process.

Dylan has been taught to respect the mountains and in turn hunt and earn the privilege of experiencing them.

Flyjack, a beer for those looking to earn their turns and get away from the crowds.