It’s a crazy world we’re living in right now, and many people feel like they are going a little stir crazy being cooped up at home.

One would think that a guy like Dylan Gordon, who is always looking for the next adventure, would also be going a little insane. However, he is making the best of a challenging situation and enjoying his time at home. As a guy who spends most of his time on the road and outdoors, he has found it strangely nice to hole up, respect the quarantine process, and ride this out (however long it takes).

I’ve snuck surfs in and what not when there are not folks around, but honestly, it’s been good to chip away at the to-do list that’s been adding up for a long, long time.

— Dylan Gordon

We caught up with Dylan to see how he was spending his time and see what was on the long, long list of projects he is tackling. Given that he is maintaining the shelter in place order, all of his projects are based at home.

Project 1: rebuilding his airstream and fixing bits of his warehouse that functions as both a work and gallery space.

Project 2: putting together a couple of photo books that showcase his work and travels, as well as playing with some mixed media pieces that work in conjunction with his book focusing on his polaroids.

Project 4: he is also looking towards the future when he can hit the road again, and fixing his ’59 Dodge truck, he refers to as Emmy Lou, and his El Camino.

Project 6: it’s not really a project, but he’s at home all day with his pup, Bruno, so Dylan has been giving her more attention, teaching him new tricks and enjoying quality time with his shelter-in-place buddy.

Project 7: of course, he is also drinking good beer, and trying not to open his computer.

I put a good heave into my Polaroid book, and I would like to come out of this period with a handful of art projects and books that I can then produce and release.

— Dylan Gordon

Delving deeper into Dylan’s process for his mixed media pieces, he likes to create when the iron is hot and inspiration hits.

A lot of these pieces are photos he has sat on for years. When he finds a rhythm, he can start to play with, Dylan is a music junky and a lot of times a lyric strikes, and he can start writing about the experience he had at the time and then just does his best to add words and texture to illustrate the image best. He also has a random vintage encyclopedia he pulls pages from to start to elaborate the piece.

His advice for those worried about their sanity during this time: Make shit. Use what you have, get weird, and drink a Firestone Lager.