According to Mike Zoller at Porch Drinking, “in an industry dominated by the Hazy IPA and beers with ingredient lists you’re more likely to find in a grocery store candy or cereal aisle, one classic style saw a resurgence in 2020.

Black IPAs use to be a year-round offering for many breweries from 2012-16. The style features dark malts, and while your standard IPA will usually be bitter, hoppy and floral, the Black IPA is slightly different. It’s not super hoppy like your more traditional IPA, although there are hop characteristics very present, it’s also not as roasted-malt forward as a Stout. It kind of sits in the middle and even the name created some controversy when it was released. The balance of hops and malt in the Black IPA and the resulting flavor profile are what makes the style so unique.”

Read the full Porch Drinking article to learn more about what happened to the black IPA and its cult following of beer lovers.

When made well, it’s a fun and enjoyable style. I think that we have come to realize that a big bold and dark beer like this is better suited as a seasonal release. Something folks talk about and anticipate, but don’t need all year round.

— Brewmaster Matt Brynildson

Wookey Jack was last spotted at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival, where it earned the lone gold medal in its category. It is now returning from the wilds to celebrate the honor with this limited Propagator release that remains true to the Wookey Jack mantra: “Gnarly on the outside yet refined on the inside.”

“This is a really hoppy beer but has good balance and is dangerously drinkable with an ABV of 8.3 percent,” says Propagator Brewer Sam Tierney.

Wookey Jack, our beloved black IPA is currently available in CA only. Limited quantities of 16oz 4pack cans are available at our three brewstore locations and online webstore. Learn more.