At the Propagator R&D Brewhouse, we are always brewing new and experimental beers. Sometimes they hit, and sometimes they don’t, and then when we feel like we are onto something, we like to put it out into the broader market to see if everyone else agrees. This is precisely what happened with our release, Welcome to LA, a West Coast lager.

The beauty of Welcome to LA is the combination of the refreshing qualities and the drinkability of a nice golden lager, with the complex and fruity hop aromas that IPA lovers will find familiar.

For the most part, lagers have been omitted from the modern beer trends, as most lean towards more hops for those big, bold flavors. Sam Tierney, our brewer at the Propagator, says the “clean canvas of a crisp lager is perfect for showing the flavor of some of our hops.”

I feel like the time has come that lagers get the stylistic exploration they deserve, and Welcome To LA proves that there are many great possibilities in that area.

— Sam Tierney, Brewer

Sam has been interested in hoppy lagers since he first got into beer over a decade ago. We have brewed a number of them over the years, but none have ever been quite like this. Overall, there has not been much development of lagers by American brewers as there has been for ales because they take longer to brew and need more advanced equipment. Most breweries that specialize in lagers tend to be traditionalists who stick to the tried-and-true European styles.

This recipe is very near and dear to Sam’s heart, as it was the first recipe he developed after moving to Venice from our main brewery in Paso Robles. The team talked about doing a sessionable lager with all the hop aroma and flavors that we love in modern IPAs but in a lower-ABV and more balanced package.

The first batch was quite popular and caught the attention of our co-founder, David Walker. Since that first batch, we brewed about six more batches, tweaking and working on the recipe as we go. We have finally settled on our final version, which is now available in cans.

A tasty beer conceived and brewed in LA…hoppy lagers are somewhat unconventional..a little like LA. Welcome to LA.

— David Walker

Welcome to LA, a hoppy golden lager mixes the crisp drinkability of a lager with the bigger and bolder hop character of an IPA. Stock up on it now at our three California locations and retailers throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Use our Beer Finder to discover where it’s available near you.