To kick off the new year, and pay tribute to its gold medal win at Great American Beer Festival 2020, we were excited to re-release our beloved black rye IPA, Wookey Jack for a limited time.

People from all over, including Gary Magnone with Hopped LA, were excited, to say the least. Check out his review of Wookey Jack on his UNCANNED video podcast.

Here’s a quick excerpt from Gary’s review of the beer.

“The name of the game on this beer is BALANCE. Seriously, watch the video, Gary mentioned maybe 300 times. The dark malts give Wookey Jack an intense chocolate-coffee-roastiness that pair right up against the bold citrus hop flavors from Citra and Amarillo, all pulled together with a spike of spice and silky body from the rye malt. The delicious combination of flavors and aromas hide the 8.3% ABV extremely well, making it a beer that is dangerously drinkable.”

World class beer created by world class brewers. Get yourself some Wookey Jack before it rumbles off back into hibernation.

— Gary Magnone

We brewed a small batch of Wookey Jack at the Propagator R&D brewhouse for GABF 2020 and were honored to win gold in the American-Style Black Ale/American-Style Stout category.

While this first batch sold out in record time, we’re releasing a second limited batch in February 2021. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on beer release details.