Golden, clear, and with some lively carbonation and a crisp, clean finish. There’s not much more you can ask for in a good beer, and it’s exactly what you can expect when you crack into our newest Propagator release, Slowvo.

Made in collaboration with our friends at Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, Colorado, Slowvo is modeled after  German pilsners. The malt is lean and clean, and the hops lend an assertive bitterness. With slightly elevated floral and citrus notes and a dry finish, it’s hard to think of anything you’d rather fill an empty glass with.

Bierstradt has been preaching the good word of lager for years now with their flagship Slow Pour Pils. Their commitment to traditional lager brewing methods has been a big inspiration for our Propagator lager program, and we were excited to have them come out to LA to brew a classic pils with us in Venice.

And now, let’s crack into all the details. We decided to start with our mutual favorite German maltster, Weyermann, and use their Premium Extra Pale Pilsner malt for the entirety of the grain bill. We also chose to acidify the wort with a special product from Weyermann called Sauergut, which is a lacto-soured malt extract that replicates the German method of acidifying the mash and wort to proper pH targets with naturally derived lactic acid. This was something we had never tried before, and it adds another authentic layer of German lager flavor to the beer. For hops, we decided to look closer to home and selected some fantastic-smelling Sterling from Goshie Farms in Oregon. A cold, slow fermentation with our 34/70 lager yeast from Germany (the same strain that Bierstadt uses), followed by an extended lagering period makes for a crisp and clean pils with a deep malt and hop expression and heightened drinkability.

Slowvo Pilsner is available in four-packs and on tap at all our locations now. Come by and enjoy a glass today, and make sure you walk out with a four-pack on your way out.