Venice Brewery Manager Sam Tierney and the team at our Propagator R&D Brewhouse are brewing up a storm this year, and you won’t want to miss out on these beers. We’ll update this page weekly to keep track of all the limited-release beers coming out of the Propagator, so check in regularly to see what’s new.

Biere de Mars Farmhouse Ale 6.3% — available now on tap
This refreshing farmhouse ale was brewed for the coming of Spring and balances notes of orange and lemon zest with hints of black pepper and allspice.

Another Dimension, Another Dimension —West Coast Double IPA 8% — available now on tap
This double IPA features Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka Cryo and Mosaic Cryo hops with a clean pilsner malt base for notes of white gummy bears, Dole Whip, white grape juice, peach, and a dank, diesel edge.

Objects In Space —Triple IPA 10.3% — available now on tap
Our biggest, most heavily hopped IPA returns, this time packed with 8 pounds per barrel of Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, Strata, and Amarillo hops added at every point of the brewing process from the mash to post-fermentation dry hop. Massive hop flavors of pineapple, nectarine, white grapefruit, and mango balance clean malt and alcohol profiles all turned up to 11.

Slowvo Pils–4.9% ABV — available now on tap
Brewed with our friends at Bierstadt Lagerhaus, this pilsner blends traditional German methods and pilsner malt with Sterling hops grown in Oregon by Goshie Farms. Deep, decocted malt and floral, zesty hop flavors expressed through the magic of long, cold lager fermentation and conditioning.

Hop Fix Non-Alcoholic IPA—<0.5% ABV — available now on tap
Get your hop fix and skip the booze! Our Non-Alcoholic IPA is lightly hazy and features Mosaic and Galaxy hops for a dank and fruity profile with notes of peach and grapefruit.

Hop Harvest ’23 West Coast IPA —6.6% — sold out
Inspired by this year’s hop harvest and selection trip with our friends from Boulevard, we teamed up to concoct an IPA featuring our favorite new hop varieties of the year, fresh from our suppliers to you. 2023 Tangier, McKenzie, and ADHA 1631 hops come together to give us notes of orange zest, lime, and rainbow sherbet.

Dungeon Synth Black Lager—4.9% — sold out
Rich malt, dark chocolate brownie, and mocha flavors with the balanced drinkability that only a black lager can deliver. Cold-fermented and lagered in the dungeon-like depths of our cellar.

Arctic Wookey Cold Black IPA—8.3% sold out
Our classic Black Rye IPA reimagined with a crisp lager fermentation and a touch of rice for an even more assertively dank and resinous hop profile from liberal additions of Citra and Strata hops in the kettle and dry hop.

Firestone California IPA West Coast IPA, 6.9% — available now on tap
This modern West Coast IPA features mosaic, strata, citra, and simcoe hops with a light pilsner malt base for a hop-forward profile and notes of mango, blueberry, and clementine.

Firestone XPA eXtra Pale Ale, 5.3%available now on tap
Our 2023 GABF medal-winning XPA returns to satisfy your desire for Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic-driven hoppy refreshment with notes of mango, orange zest, lime popsicle, peach, and strawberry.

Kokua Maui Relief IPA, 7%sold out
The Kokua Project is an initiative started by Maui Brewing Co. to raise money for the victims of the recent fires in Maui. We are proudly joining hundreds of breweries in brewing Kokua and donating to the Maui Brewing Co. Fire Fund. Our version is a modern West Coast IPA featuring Riwaka and Mosaic hops. For more information on Kokua and ways you can contribute, please visit

Bubblin’ Billies Hazy IPA, 7.4%sold out
This collaboration with Mountain Culture Beer Co. in Australia features Pilsner malt and oats from Admiral Malt, and a triple dry hop schedule of Mosaic incognito at the start of fermentation, Galaxy and Mosaic mid fermentation, and a huge dose of Citra at the end of fermentation. A massively juicy profile leans heavily on pink grapefruit, guava, papaya, and pineapple.

Jetlagged And Thirsty Pale Lager, 4.5% ABV — sold out
Brewed by our friends from Pretty Decent Beer in London, this pale lager showcases CA-grown Admiral pilsner malt and rice for a light and crisp profile. A generous aromatic addition of Lorien & Zuper Saazer hops lends honeysuckle and alpine meadow aromas. Light, crushable, and quenching – just what you need after a long flight.

Credit Czech Garnet Lager, 4.8% — available now on tap
This rich malty red lager features a blend of Czech malts in a double decoction mash while Czech saaz hops bring a perfect spicy balance, and cold fermentation and conditioning with our house lager yeast keep it clean and crispy. Brewed with our pals at The Full Pint.

PivOwl Czech Pilsner, 4.1% — sold out
The Czech-style vycepni svelte pivo (session pale lager) is brewed with floor-malted Czech pilsner malt and a blend of Czech Saaz hops and Michigan-grown zuper saazer hops which provide a spicy and honeysuckle profile to balance the crisp baguette-like malty flavors brought out by traditional decoction mashing.

Antwerp Calling Belgian Style Tripel, 9.3% — sold out
This classic golden Abbey-style tripel is brewed with Belgian pilsner malt, Czech Saaz and German Tettnang hops, and a special Belgian-American yeast strain.

Hot Girl Food Italian-American Pils, 5.6% — sold out
This dry-hopped pils features the new Anchovy hop variety from Segal Ranch in the Yakima Valley of Washington. Subtle notes of Watermelon and cherry hard candy mix with lemongrass, spicy, and herbal noble hop accents, while a base of Italian-grown pilsner malt lends a crisp body and dry, refreshing drinkability.

I’m Sorry Pete Jackson XPA, 5.6% ABV — sold out
This Extra Pale Ale (extra pale, extra hoppy, extra awesome!?) is brewed with pale malts, our house ale yeast, and healthy doses of Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, and Citra for a refreshing hit of orange pulp, guava, mango, and nectarine flavors with a balanced finish.

Ales For ALS California IPA, 6.3% ABV — sold out
Brewed with a blend of German and American pilsner malts and the 2023 Ales For ALS hop blend from Yakima Chief. Mango, orange blossom, and passion fruit notes mingle with tangerine, pine, and red berries. Proceeds from this beer will be donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Hops For California Hazy Imperial IPA, 9.3% ABV — sold out
Brewed to support the California Craft Brewers Association and its work to promote craft beer in California. This massive juice bomb features Strata, Galaxy, and Simcoe hops over a base of pale malt, wheat malt, and honey oats.

The Juice Remains Juicy West Coast IPA, 6.6% ABV — sold out
The haze is gone, but the juice remains! Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, Strata, and El Dorado hops and our hazy yeast strain but with a couple of tricks to lead to a clear beer with a profile that is both juicy and refreshing.

I’m Ron Beatson? New Zealand Keller Pils, 5.6% ABV — sold out
This unfiltered pilsner features Riwaka Cryo and Motueka Cryo fresh from the 2023 hop harvest in New Zealand and was brewed with the godfather of New Zealand hops, Dr. Ron Beatson! Of course, we also had to blend in some of his namesake Nectaron hops in his honor. The result is a crushable, lightly hazy pils oozing with NZ hop terroir and flavors of blue raspberry, lime zest, white grape, and white gummy bears.

Suspicious Satchel New Zealand Pilsner, 5% ABV — available now on tap
Brewed with our friends Jos and Pete from Garage Project in New Zealand, this crushable hoppy pils features their specially selected lots of Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin hops from Freestyle Farms in NZ, and the experimental new Liquid Phantasm, an extract derived from the other New Zealand sauvignon blanc grapes. We get flavors of guava, passion fruit, and sauvignon blanc over a crisp pilsner base.

No Vacancy West Coast IPA, 6.5% ABV — sold out
Brewed in collaboration with Alvarado Street Brewery, this pale West Coast IPA fuses old and new school. A heavy, Cascade-derived bitterness harks back to the good old days while a pale malt bill and Mosaic dry hop deliver the new-age pineapple darkness. The tropical aromatics are boosted by Mosaic Incognito, Mosaic Cryo, and Aromazyme.

Like, Really, Really Dead DIPA, 8.1% ABV — sold out
Brewed with our friends at North Park Beer Co. An absolute tropical fruit dankness bomb propelled by Citra Invognite, Simcoe, Simcoe Cryo, Strata, Strata CGX, and Nectaron.

Hennepin Goes West Saison, 6.7% ABV — sold out
We teamed up with our colleagues at Brewery Ommegang to brew this spin on their classic Hennepin Saison, one of the OGs of the American Saison game. Its complex profile and hops balance a refreshingly light malt profile and balanced fruitiness from their house Belgian yeast strain.

Westside Mall Belgian Tripel, 9.0% ABV — sold out
You probably wouldn’t find a Belgian Trappist monk shopping at a local mall, but hey would certainly approach this strong Tripel with its fruity and spicy yeast and hop character. Brewed with Belgian pilsner malt, Czech Saaz, German Tettnang hops, and a special Belgian American yeast straight.

Good Decisions Non-Alcoholic Blond, <0.5% ABV — sold out
Feel like a beer but want to skip the alcohol?  This refreshing blond has notes of graham cracker, toasted wheat, and a delicate noble hop character with none of the alcohol and only 70 calories per 12oz serving.

The New What Next West Coast IPA, 6.5% ABV — sold out
In collaboration with Trademark Brewing, this golden west coast IPA is brewed with cutting-edge concentrated hop products (Citra and Ekuanot Incognito, Citra and Mosaic Spectrum, and Strata CGX) for a punchy hop flavor reminiscent of fruity pebbles, fruit cocktail, and citrus peel, while a light pilsner malt profile rounds things out.

Gen-7 Double Cold IPA, 8.7% ABV — sold out
Celebrating 7 years of brewing at The Propagator, Gen-7 is massively hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Cryo, Mosaic Incognito, Strata CGX, and Rakau Hops. A base of Admiral and Proximity pilsner malts and flaked rice keeps the profile light, while a clean fermentation and spicy rye offer a full and complex texture with a refined bittered finish.

Another Life Cold IPA, 6.8% ABV — sold out
Greet the sun with this bright blond IPA featuring a blend of Citra, El Dorado, Centennial, and Chinook hops. Part classic citrus and pine, part ripe pineapple and watermelon candy, all crispy. It’s called a cold IPA because it tastes cold.

Mystic Shadows New Zealand IPA, 6.3% ABV — sold out
Nelson Sauvin, Rakau, Moutere, and Motueka hops from New Zealand lend expressive notes of white gummy bear, blue raspberry and that ethereal kiwi dankness while a clean and dry pale malt base keeps things balanced.

12 Degrees Of Pale Lager Czech Pilsner, 5% ABV — sold out
Brewed in the classic Czech style with Floor-Malted Bohemian Pilsner malt and Czech Saaz Hops, just like the original Pilsener beer from 1842.

Must Be Luck Irish Stout, 5% ABV — sold out
Must Be Luck is a stout brewed in the classic Dublin style made famous by Guinness, which means it is relatively dry for a stout, lacking the sweeter caramel and milk chocolate notes found in other stout sub-styles; instead, it veers into black iced coffee and dark chocolate territory, with a dry, refreshingly bitter finish. Alcohol is moderate at 5%, keeping this one drinkable by the proper pint. Mount Hood hops from Oregon provide a firm balancing bitterness with a subtle woody and spicy flavor, while pale Irish malt and flaked barley mingle with roasted barley for an assertive roast profile.

Translating The Name Saison, 6.3% ABV — sold out
A classic Belgian-style farmhouse ale brewed with Belgian pilsner malt and the finest Saaz hops from Czechia and Styrian Holdings hops from Slovenia, then fermented with a blend of expressive farmhouse yeast strains of pineapple, banana, pear, white pepper, lemongrass, and cloves.

Diphopopotamus Double IPA, 9.1% ABV — sold out
Diphopopotamus features bottomless layers of orange and white gummy bears, pine, and dank tropical fruit flavors from Simcoe and Simcoe Cryo, Columbus and Columbus Cryo, Strata, and Mosaic hops with a crisp base of pilsner malt.

Objects In Space Triple IPA, 10.4% ABV — sold out
A decadent IPA layering on multiple dry hop additions of Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy, and Columbus giving notes of mango, guava, orange, and dank fresh hop cones.

Welcome To Venice West Coast Pilsner, 5.8% ABV — sold out
We mashed up the profiles of two of our favorite beers, Gen 1 and Pico Pils, and the result is a captivating mix of dank blueberry, peach, and citrus zest hop flavors with the crisp drinkability of a pils.

Phluffhead Powerful Pils, 5.4% ABV — sold out
Brewed with our friends at Urban Roots, this German-inspired pils features Weyermann Premium Pilsner malt and Tettnanger and Hersbrucker hops.