Like the first chill of Fall that has you reaching for your nearest hoodie, our newest IPA Mixed Packs are here and ready to have you reaching for the nearest fresh, empty glass.

These IPA Mixed Packs are literally loaded with some seriously flavor-packed beers: Mind Haze, Union Jack, Hopnosis, and your newest fridge staples, Hammersmith and Cali Cruiser. Each beer is packed with different variations of crisp, juicy deliciousness.

Whether you’re looking for classic flavors or something a bit more left of center on the flavor scale, we’ve covered you with our canned and bottled releases here. But before you get ready to schedule our IPA Mixed Pack into your busy beer-enjoying schedule this Fall, let’s learn about these new beers that will be fitting in alongside your regular favorites.

We have more certified West Coast winners featured here than a 90s rap album. Up first is Cali Cruiser, a 6.6% ABV juicy West Coast IPA that is rolling out now to all Firetone Walker markets and locations as part of a canned IPA Mixed Pack that also includes cans of regular beer-lover fixtures Hopnosis, Union Jack, and Mind Haze. You can find your nearest local supplier with our Beer Finder now.

And on the glass-and-bottle-cap front, we’ve dropped freshly bottled IPA Mixed Packs to complement its canned companions. It features Hammersmith, a certifiably-sip-friendly 6.7% ABV Classic West Coast IPA that lines up alongside the equally delicious Union Jack and Hopnosis IPAs. You can crack into it in all markets you normally find your favorite Firestone Walker beers as well.

But now, let’s dive into more details on these limited-edition beers.

Cali Cruiser — Juicy West Coast IPA

Let’s start off by shifting gears and heading toward a real showtime destination: Cali Cruiser. Cali Cruiser is a juicy West Coast IPA that’s made for the bright lights. Loaded with Mosaic, Strata, Citra, and El Dorado hops, it’s crisp and clear to the eye but loaded with flavor.

The haze is gone but the juice remains in every can here. This IPA was brewed with our special hazy IPA yeast strain (affectionally called ”juicy” by the brewers) but with the intention of creating a clear beer. And an intention fulfilled, no less. We essentially did this through the use of finings and dry hop addition at the start of fermentation, which acts to remove the haze. The result is a crisp look with a cleaner texture, but with a super fruity and juicy profile normally associated with Hazy IPAs. 

Blurring the lines between hazy and West Coast, the juice is fully on the loose with this IPA. Packed with ripe peach, mango, and passionfruit flavors but with a restrained bitterness, Cali Cruiser has both the clarity and focus usually reserved for its classic West Coast contemporaries.

Like Union Jack, Hopnosis, and Mind Haze alongside it, you’ll want to crack into Cali Cruiser again and again and again, and maybe even one more time after that. Especially when you’re in your living room as Fall football plays off a TV in the background or you’re on your patio, at the beach, with friends at a barbeque, or anywhere else you may find yourself wanting to enjoy an incredible beer. Grab some ice for your cooler, or make sure your fridge is cold while your heating is on, and then find where your nearest supplier is with our Beer Finder now.

Hammersmith — Classic West Coast IPA

Another limited beer from our talented brew crew that we can’t wait to knock back: Hammersmith, a classic, West Coast IPA loaded with Centennial, Chinook, Cascade, and Columbus hops.

Hammersmith is set to fit into your daily rotation like your favorite old pair of jeans. In fact, when we first brewed it, we said it tasted the way vintage denim feels. Something about it felt just right.

This is the beer your parents drank when they dragged you to the local brewery after your Saturday soccer game, or after an early-season slushy ski or snowboard trip to the closest mountain. Classic citrus and piney Pacific Northwest C-hops, firm resiny bitterness, and a bit of crystal malt combine to create a rich amber color supported by a malty backbone.

Your dad may have ventured on to porters and reds, but he certainly isn’t averse to tucking into the classic IPAs that your mom still regularly enjoys. And Hammersmith is that new daily winner.

We’re sure all this beer talk is making you thirsty because it certainly has us ready to crack into a cold beer. Clear out some fridge space and search out these IPAs with our Beer Finder now.