Our Behind the Beer video series is back for another episode, as Matt reflects on a juicy addition to the Firestone Walker IPA family and our first ever hazy…Mind Haze IPA.

Brewmaster Matt Brynildson has worked diligently to adopt the popular hazy style. An iconic form of beer that many breweries have taken on, the hazy style has been around for many years and originated on the East Coast.

“Brewers there, (in Germany) for the last 100 years have mastered this beautiful haze and opal essence.”

Having spent some time in Germany, Matt was able to wrap his head around the European hazy style of beers and the Bavarian hefeweizen which helped to bring his ideas to life.

On his return to the states, Matt used what he learned in Europe to create a malt-based beer that included not only barely malts but oats, wheat, and specific tropical fruit-forward hops that differentiates this beer from its competitors.

Mind Haze IPA

A 6.2% ABV hazy IPA, that’s super sessionable, and amazingly smooth with low bitterness.

Watch here as Matt takes you behind the beer.