To celebrate our 25 years of brewing beer, we gave our very first beer, DBA, a makeover, but just because the packaging has changed doesn’t mean the beer has.

Gary Magone from Hopped LA notes this in his UNCANNED video podcast. Check out what he has to say here.

They respect tradition and that’s what Firestone is all about.

— Gary Magone, Hopped LA

Watch the video here, and enjoy this short excerpt:

“DBA is the first beer that Firestone Walker put out, and it’s a very special homage to tradition that the brewery has continued to hold up and preserve over the last 25 years. There are not many breweries doing things like Firestone Walker, and we hope to continue celebrating their beers for the next 25 years to come!”

Beer isn’t getting made like this anymore, what a great legacy Firestone has continued to carry on.

— Gary Magone, Hopped LA

Our brew team has been diligently brewing this beer the same way for the past 25 years. To this day, it is still the favorite of co-founder David Walker.

Check out our beer finder to locate where you can get DBA and raise a glass with us to celebrate 25 years of craft beer.