Partially fermented in our patented Firestone Union oak-­‐barrel brewing system, DBA quickly took the Central Coast by storm and set the pace for future beers to come. Today, DBA is regarded as a California classic, and stands as an iconic tribute to traditional cask-­‐fermented English ales. Pale malts create a smooth middle with ribbons of caramel, English toffee and toasted oak.

“Born in the vineyards we wanted our beers to be traditional. DBA is an English Pale Ale which was traditionally fermented in a complex chain of wooden barrels known as the Burton Union,” said David Walker, brewery co-founder. “So when we conceived this beer we wanted to honor that process in search of an authentic style. I believe we did that.”

DBA—a.k.a. Double Barrel Ale—is the trailblazing flagship beer that started it all for us back in 1996.

Beer deserves the same reverence as wine and opens up when nestled in a big red wine glass. I drink a DBA every day in a wine glass.

— David Walker

Our unique double-barrel brewing system was inspired by the original 150-year-old “Burton Union” process. We resurrected the finest features of this process, long abandoned by commercial brewers due to the additional care and expense required. Fermentation and conditioning in individual 60-gallon oak barrels impart character unattainable any other way. Only the finest ingredients are used. Hops from Kent, the choicest British yeast and hand-combed malt from Nottingham are carefully selected to create our singularly distinctive ale.

DBA is available in limited 6 and 12 pack bottles | 5% ABV