David Walker and Barrelmaster Jim Crooks introduce you to our latest wild child from Barrelworks, Champs de Fraises. French for “strawberry fields”, Champs de Fraises offers a uniquely refreshing sipping experience with pronounced fruit flavors and lively acidity.

Aged in French oak barrels, then fermented with 8,000 pounds of “Mt. Hood” strawberries selected for their extraordinary aromatics and fruit character. Checking in at 6.3% ABV.

I’ve loved strawberries since I was a kid. Brewing this beer has been a joy and I can’t wait to share it.

— Jim Crook, Master Blender
Jim Crooks and David Walker in the Barrelworks Brew House

You have to try this beer. It’s really interesting.

— David Walker

Champ De Fraises is Available Now. Find the beer near you here.