As many know, DBA (Double Barrel Ale) is David Walker’s beer of choice. He is often quoted saying he, “drinks a DBA every day,” and many can attest to that statement.

With the unveiling of DBA’s “new look,” we thought it was only right to have David himself share a few words on why he loves the tasty ale.

This year marks our 25th anniversary with a special tribute to DBA, our first brewed beer.

“Double Barrel Ale was our first beer and carried with it all the hopes and dreams for our nascent Brewery,” said David. “We wanted a beer we would love. At the time, my palate was trained to London Pride and my partner’s Santa Barbara County Merlot, so it made sense that we chased complexity and flavor matched to easy drinkability.

It has this brilliant ruby red color, and the finish is lightly caramelized with floor malts from England, and anchored by a London ale yeast of dubious heritage; all driven through an American oak barrel fermentation process that echoed traditions of times gone by.”

We crammed everything we wanted our brewery and beer to be into that one creation. As they like to say, you only got one opportunity to make a first impression, and DBA was that for us.

— David Walker

“The quaffable quotient of an English Pale Ale is strong with DBA; 12 oz’s is never enough for me. No flavor is out of harmony; a hint of toffee balanced against the mild English hops that provide enough bitterness to support the taste but not define it.

The body is enough to make your palate notice it’s a remarkable beer but also doesn’t stop you from returning to the glass reflexively for another sip. And best of all, as you demolish this thing of beauty, an elegant, well earned, creamy head slides down the side of the glass, leaving you in no doubt this is a beer to remember.”

You Too Can Drink a DBA Everyday

DBA is available in select markets throughout California and other states. Use the online Beer Finder to find DBA and other Firestone beers closest to you.