In the latest episode of Behind the Beer, Brewmaster Matt Brynildson talks through the experimental hop, Nectaron, used to make a single-hop hazy IPA featured in our latest Crafted Thru Hops mixed pack. The original recipe for the beer was brewed at the Propagator R&D brewhouse in Venice.

“We’ve sent some of our best brewers to Venice, currently Sam Tierney is there on the kettles just killing it,” said Matt. 

Nectaron is an emerging hop from New Zealand, first championed by Matt during his travels to experimental plots in the famed Nelson region. Now comes our inaugural beer brewed with Nectaron, showcasing its juicy, tropical flavors of passionfruit, pineapple and citrus.

“The Propagator Series from Firestone Walker is a new exploration of raw materials, brewing techniques, and anything we want to try out before we go to the big stage,” said Matt. “It’s all about exploration and in this case of hops, this particular beer is a focus on the Nectaron hop.”

“Nectaron was as an experimental hop until this last year,” adds Matt. “Ron Beatson is the breeder who created this hop, he also created Nelson, and he’s a real wizard in the breeding world in New Zealand.

I get a lot of Sauv Blanc, but also stone fruit, and I get a reminiscent Pacific Northwest kind of deep, dank fruit characteristic that really rounds this hop out.” 

“I believe it’s really perfect for hazy IPAs,” said Matt. “This is our first time taking a stab at this hop and we are just thrilled with it. I can’t wait to work with the growers and learn this hop better – and that’s what the Propagator series is all about – straight ahead, IPAs exploring new hop cultivars.” 

The new Crafted Thru Hops mixed packs featuring Nectaron and Nelson single-hop IPAs are now available. Use the Beer Finder to stock up. Follow us on YouTube to watch the full Behind the Beer video series.