Join Brewmaster Matt Brynildson for another episode of Behind the Beer as he dives into our juiciest, fruitiest and haziest IPA ever – Double Mind Haze.

“This was a really fun project for us,” says Matt. “It’s a little bit more alcohol, a lot more hops and a lot more of everything in terms of flavor and character.”

“This style is well suited in this double strength category – it’s all about flavor,” adds Matt. “What people don’t know is that alcohol carries a lot of flavor, brings sweetness and body to a beer. Double Mind Haze is chocked full of all sorts of interesting malt and grain character. The aroma is explosive tropical character.

That coconut character comes from a combination of the hops and malts – Cashmere is a hop with lots of coconut character, and Sabro, is full of tropical character.”

Matt explains, “it’s a strong beer to be consumed with some caution. Creamy rich full of flavor and incredibly balanced for it’s strength.”

Double Mind Haze is an explosion of tropical hop flavor at 8.3% ABV. Must be 21+ to buy. Available wherever Firestone beers are sold. Use the Beer Finder to stock up.