From our Propagator R&D brewhouse in Venice, California comes Nectaron and Nelson – two new releases in our Propagator Series, exclusively available in the Crafted Thru Hops mixed packs.

The Propagator sets the pace for what’s next from Firestone Walker – including this series of single-hop IPAs.

About Nectaron

Nectaron is an emerging hop from New Zealand, first championed by Brewmaster Matt Brynildson during his travels to experimental plots in the famed Nelson region. Now comes our inaugural beer brewed with Nectaron, showcasing its juicy, tropical flavors of passionfruit, pineapple and citrus.

A little backstory… 

Nectaron is a beer four years in the making, dating back to when Matt first toured several family hop farms in the famed Nelson region of New Zealand. As he rubbed and smelled different hops, one experimental cultivar really got Matt’s attention. Known then by its code name of Hort 4337, this hop was loaded with juicy tropical passionfruit and citrus qualities. The following year, Matt returned to New Zealand, where hop farmer Brent McGlashen of MAC Farms remembered Matt’s fondness for 4337—which Brent was growing on an experimental basis prior to being given the commercial name of Nectaron. He gave Matt early dibs on some of the first yields, which ultimately resulted in this exciting single-hop release from our Propagator Series.

Matt shared a bit about working with Brent and explained, “I’ve never seen anybody so pumped. Brent’s working with 100 percent organic, no pesticides or fungicides, has gone to renewable wood chips to fire his kilns. He developed a new biodegradable twine for stringing the bines (hop term for vines). Uses compost teas. Uses sheep to defoliate the bines (the act of removing vegetation from the lower part of the hop plants to create separation so there’s no vector for ground pests). It’s so cool working with this guy and appreciate his emphasis on sustainability.”

Also available in the mix pack cans with Nectaron are Mind Haze, Union Jack and Luponic Distortion No. 18. Available wherever Firestone beers are sold. Use the beer finder to stock up on this seasonal release. 5.6% ABV

About Nelson

Nelson is renowned as the quintessential New Zealand-grown hop. Matt goes the extra mile to make the most of it, personally working with two growers to harvest the hops at peak maturity – resulting in a beer that explodes with tropical flavors of white grape and gooseberry.

Also available in the mix pack bottles with Nelson is Union Jack, Flyjack and Luponic Distortion No. 18. Limited availability in select retail markets. Use the beer finder to locate near you. 5.6% ABV

Did you know

Nectaron and Nelson are key hops used in Luponic Distortion No. 18 along with Riwaka and Motueka – all four coming from New Zealand. This punchy West Coast IPA delivers bold tropical fruit aromas and flavors of white grape, passionfruit, peach and pink grapefruit. Read more about our latest IPA in the series on our blog.

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