Credit Czech - Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Brewed with our pals at The Full Pint

This rich malty red lager features a blend of Czech malts in a double decoction mash while Czech saaz hops bring a perfect spicy balance, and cold fermentation and conditioning with our house lager yeast keep it clean and crispy.

  • The Flavors

    • hops

      Zuper Saazer, Saaz

    • fermentation

      Stainless Steel

    • malts

      Weyermann Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner, Weyermann Floor Malted Bohemian Dark, Weyermann Acidulated, Weyermann Caramunich 2, Weyermann Carafa 3

    The ruby red polotmavy (half-dark) lagers of the Czech Republic may be less known than their pale counterparts, but are no less delicious! Floor malted Bohemian pilsner and dark malts blend with caramunich and a pinch of roasted carafa malt in a double decoction mash for a complex and rich malty profile perfect for fall weather. A healthy dose of Czech saaz hops in the boil provides a spicy balancing bitterness to keep the malt from being overly sweet and cloying. Cold fermentation and conditioning with our house lager yeast keeps it crispy and clean. We brewed this with our friends at The Full Pint who have been some of our most vocal supporters since day one and we can’t wait to share this delicious and crushable beer with the world.


    • 16 oz 4 Pack
    • Draft

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