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Balaton Bones

Wild Saison with Cherries


Riff on the original Krieky Bones

  • The Flavors

    • yeast

      B. bruxellensis, B. lambicus

    • aging

      36 Months in French Oak

    • ingredients

      Michigan Balaton Cherries

    Balaton Bones is the latest creation from our “bones” series, which began eight years ago with the release of Krieky Bones, a Flanders-style Kriek beer made with fresh cherries at our Barrelworks wild ale cellar.

    Now comes Balaton Bones as our next riff on the style, fermented and aged with fresh Balaton cherries at a ratio of three pounds of fruit per barrel for maximum flavor. Balaton Bones began with a base beer of oak-aged saison, to which the fruit was added for secondary fermentation and seven weeks of barrel aging. The cherries came from the esteemed King Orchards in Central Lake, Michigan.

    The Balaton cherry variety is known for its tart, delicious flavors, which are evident in every sip of this beer. The palate is flush with cherry fruit flavors accompanied by a Pinot Noir-style fruity and woody character, with low sweetness and mild sourness. In the glass, it shines ruby red with a soft pink foam—another reason to be mesmerized by this delicious wild ale.


    • 375 ml bottles
    • Draft

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