We’re back with another episode of “In the Garage”. Jake Smith, aka The White Buffalo, has helped us get through quarantining at home with fun videos of him drinking beer and playing guitar in his Los Angeles, California, garage.

On this episode, The White Buffalo tries Luponic Distortion, our rotating IPA series solely flavored through the magic of 100 percent natural hops. Watch him perform “Go the Distance” and drink a can of Luponic Distortion with flavors of peach, pear drop and dragon fruit.

The only constant is change. Always made with the same base beer, each Luponic Distortion release features a new hop blend with a focus on emerging and experimental cultivars—all to showcase the insane range of flavors that can be derived from 100 percent natural hops. Explosive tropical fruit flavors. Each release features a new hop blend, delivering specific flavors that are called out on the package.

No fruits. No flavorings. No shortcuts. Just the magic of 100 percent natural hops.

Luponic Distortion is 5.9% ABV and available everywhere Firestone beers are sold. Find it near you and try this rotation while it lasts. Get $4 back when you buy two Firestone six-packs, learn more here.