We joined The White Buffalo for an episode of In the Garage for some beer drinking and song singing.  In this episode, Jake cracks a cold Mind Haze and rips an acoustic performance of “Sleepy Little Town.”

Check out the episode below. Tune in for his thoughts on Mind Haze, our hazy IPA, in the video from 2:59-4:32.

Roam With The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo is about engagement. He makes people laugh and cry. The White Buffalo is truth and wild imagination working together. The White Buffalo is Jake Smith – singer, songwriter, guitarist, teller of stories, Emmy nominee; an artist whose voice – a timber-shakin’ baritone of gravitas and gravel – seems directly linked to a greater truth; an artist who will not be swayed by fashion or curtailed by genre.

Mind Haze is a hazy IPA at 6.2% ABV. Find it anywhere Firestone beers are sold.