Over 25 years ago, Jenn Talley and Matt Brynildson met at a two-week brewing program at the premier brewing school, Siebel Institute of Technology. Bonding over a love of the Grateful Dead and beer, Jenn and Matt began a lifelong friendship.

Talley Cat Sunflower is our latest IPA release from the Propagator R&D brewhouse in Venice. Watch now as Matt takes us behind the scenes of this limited-release collaboration IPA.

Despite having known each other for most of their professional careers, Jenn and Matt have never brewed together. However, they have been inspired by each other’s brews; Jenn even reached out to use some of our DBA medium toast neutral oak barrels when creating Fifth Element, a farmhouse ale for Squatters Pub and Craft Beers.

It’s funny, Jen and I have this close-knit group of friends that brew, but we never reached out to each other to collaborate.

— Matt Brynildson

Introducing Talley Cat Sunflower IPA, brewed by friendship and a passion for brewing.

When it came to the beer the pair wanted to brew, they decided to step away from styles that they are known for. Jenn, who has brewed for Squatters in Utah for 20 years, made a name for herself brewing session beers, and Matt is Mr. Pilsner, often being asked to collaborate on pilsners. So, naturally, they chose a West Coast IPA. Once the style was decided, the beer just came together.

Since Talley Cat Sunflower is an IPA, the hop bill plays a big role in creating this beer. Given Matt’s background in hops, he holds a lot of importance in their selection. He doesn’t like to pick hops for a collab unless people can rub and smell them to get a sense of their characteristics. After getting together, the pair of friends spread six to eight hops on a table to carefully select the hops. In the end, they chose: German Noble hops, Simcoe, Idaho 7, and Riwaka.

The result is an IPA with a light straw color and delicate malt presence that incorporates rice into the grist bill for a crisp, dry canvas for the hops to shine on. Nobel Hallertau hops used early in the boil lead to a balanced bitterness that melts into fruit-forward hop flavors. The combination of Southern Hemisphere and Pacific NW hops (Riwaka, Idaho 7 and Simcoe) create a tropical aroma of passion fruit, mango, and peach to bring that signature West Coast IPA punch. A dry yet balanced New-World interpretation of a West Coast IPA at 7% AVB, from two legendary California brewers.

Now available for a limited time online and at our California locations. Limit six 16oz 4-packs per purchase. Grab yours before it’s gone.