Last month we released our original short film, “Hop Dreams: A Brewer’s Journey.” The film follows Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, Propagator Brewing Manager Sam Tierney, and Raw Materials Manager Tim Miller as they walk the fields of Yakima Valley in search of new hops to drive Firestone Walker’s next great IPA, all the while showcasing the people, heritage, and innovations that drive one of the world’s most prolific hop-growing regions.

The themes of the film – our appreciation for hop farmers, the excitement of seeing raw materials turning into liquid magic, and more – resonated heavily with our friends in the beer world, and some of them even wrote about it. We’ve compiled a list of all the stories and reviews of the film here to keep the conversation going. Catch the film, then dive into the stories below to find out what everyone’s saying about it.

Porch Drinking 

“However the reality is that many larger regional breweries like Firestone Walker, still remain true to their roots by hand selecting their hops, developing tight-knit relationships with their malt growers, and truly maintaining that grain-to-glass approach toward brewing, just with slightly larger shipments…” 

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The Full Pint

“For years at The Full Pint, we’ve maintained a brewery’s success will be determined by the personal connection they make with their customers of all sizes. The other important thing this film sheds light on is there are people behind the ingredients, in this case, the hops. The film takes us right on the farm and in my opinion, brings me closer to the beer in my glass…”

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The New School

“The short film ‘Hop Dreams’ reveals how important these relationships with some of the world’s top hop growers are from soil to sunlight, conception to reality, raw material to the liquid in your glass. The brewer and the farmer’s fates are ultimately tied together and will be rewarded with good fortune by a greater appreciation of each other’s industries. ‘I go onto a farm and my mind gets blown. Growing hops is more complicated than brewing beer!’ says Brynildson with a chuckle…”

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Hop Culture

“‘The next great IPA is hanging above us,’ muses Firestone Walker Brewmaster Matt Brynildson as he looks up amongst towering green bines of hops. All around Brynildson, a beer waits to be born for, ‘A brewer in search of the next great IPA,’ he says. This may seem like a bold statement, but considering that Brynildson stands in Yakima Valley, one of the most prolific hop-growing regions in the world, he’s right on the money…”

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Paso Robles Daily News

Over the years, Brynildson has formed friendships and connections with a variety of Yakima Valley growers who are setting the pace for new-age IPA hops. As he notes, “We come to Yakima every year so that we can see what’s coming down the pipe, and it’s the catalyst for all of this new, interesting, and exciting stuff happening in beer and hops…Sometimes we’ll come out here, and we’ll rub and smell a hop, and it just sparks an idea…”

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“Hop Dreams focuses on the sustainable practices and human connection that can make or break a beer company. Without farmers, there are no crops, and without sustainable farming practices, there is no future for farming. Some branches within the food industry are beginning to see the value of ecologically-sound food sourcing, and there are few places where that is more vital than in the potentially waste-heavy realm of beer and alcohol manufacturing…”

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“Produced and directed in-house by Firestone Walker, it is a homage to the crop that’s the essence of IPA brewing and to all the people who grow and process it on every step of its journey from field to glass…” 

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