As we’re sure you’re all well aware, many of our Firestone Walker beers are distributed nationally, but we’re still a regional California craft brewery at heart. All our delicious beers are still brewed in our home state, and a significant majority of those beers are also consumed in that same home. California is a land where creativity and innovation are the standard. We live and brew here, and we draw energy from the communities that surround us. This is what it means to us to be a California beer company.

We also consider it a privilege to work alongside so many of our other California craft beer friends and breweries. From the pioneers who set an early example for us more than 25 years ago to the latest neighborhood startups who continually and collectively raise the bar of creativity, we’re constantly collaborating, appreciating, and cheers’ing together.

This is why we’re especially proud to announce our CCBA Brewers Collaboration beer today. Hops For California is a limited-edition Hazy Imperial IPA from our Propagator R&D Brewhouse in Venice. It’s brewed to honor our home, and you can enjoy it in your home when you pick up a cold four-pack at either of our Paso Robles, Venice Beach, or Buellton locations now.


We have produced lots of Hazy IPAs over the years, including our iconic Mind Haze and Double Mind Haze.

With each new hazy iteration, we’ve followed the evolution of the style. We’ve also taken advantage of the newest developments in ingredients and techniques. And our latest take on a Hazy IPA is the culmination of this journey. Fittingly, this Hazy Imperial IPA comes from our Propagator R&D brewhouse in Venice, which continues to set the pace for what’s next from Firestone Walker.

We built a simple grain bill of pale malt, wheat malt, and honey oats, adding dextrose to achieve our high ABV target without excessive sweetness. A trio of modern German hops in the whirlpool adds a base of soft fruity hop character, while a huge double dry hop with Strata, Galaxy, and Simcoe was added in as well. In short, this is a massive juice bomb with notes of stone fruit, berry, and tropical flavors.

Hops for California is now available on draft and in 16-ounce cans at our three California locations.