From our Propagator R&D brewhouse in Venice, California comes the next release in our Crafted Thru Hops mixed pack featuring Mosaic. Along with Easy Jack, Union Jack, and Luponic Distortion, this single-hop IPA offers tropical fruit flavors of mango, papaya and white peach. Another in Matt Brynlidson’s ‘holy trinity of New World IPA hops’.


Mosaic was the first single-hop beer that was brewed at the Propagator in 2016. It was the obvious first choice for the single-hop series as it was blowing up in popularity, and ever since then, we knew we would brew more it. Initially, they had based the brew off the Easy Jack recipe, but as the beer evolved, a new recipe was developed for a paler liquid with a higher ABV.

I think Mosaic just grew into its own at the perfect time as more and more brewers were pivoting away from the classic West Coast IPA model and exploring the new territory of “juicy” and lower bitterness

— Sam Tierney, Propagator Brewer


The bright stone fruit, tropical, blueberry, and cotton candy notes in Mosaic play well in sweeter hazy IPAs but still work equally as well in the dryer, higher-bitterness West Coast style. Some brewers refer to it as a “cheater hop” as guaranteed to make a decent IPA all on its own.

Finding a hop like this one is not easy, as it is a proprietary variety from the Hop Breeding Company, but we work with amazing suppliers that have allowed us to source this fantastic hop. Mosaic can vary in character and go overboard into dank overload territory, so it’s crucial to select lots that are fully matured and have that big, expressive aroma without getting too sulfury and dank. On the other side, if it’s picked a little too early or just not a great lot, it can be lackluster in intensity.

A perfect hop for the ideal summer beer. Mosaic is available exclusively in our Crafted Thru Hops IPA mixed pack bottles. Find out where you can get yours today, and try it for yourself.

Mosaic | West Coast IPA 5.6%