Our friend Dylan Efron is off on another adventure in the fourth episode of our Flow State series. This time he takes to the skies with good friend, Pearce Cucchissi, to try his hand at speed flying.

Efron and ex-army ranger Cucchissi flip the script as Efron is the newbie, and Cucchissi is no stranger to jumping out of planes and chasing an adrenaline rush.

Watch the episode here.

Speed flying is a hybrid sport that is a combination of paragliding and parachuting. Like paragliding, you launch yourself off a slope or cliff and catch the air as you glide down.

However, with speed flying, you use a parachute rather than a glider. It is a sport favored by skiers, rock climbers, and skydivers, all looking for a new challenge.

The pair start their day at Soboba Flight School, learning the basics in a flight simulator. After they master the basics and getting the hang of the chute, they try a couple of practice take-offs and focus on inflating the wing (parachute).

Once done, Efron and Cucchissi take on the bunny hill. Cucchissi, who has a leg up and has done this before, masters the smaller practice hill with ease. However, Efron had a slightly rougher time. Jeremy, the flight school instructor, gave Efron a simple plan for his first try: get into the flight, turn right, pull the breaks, stick the landing. But that did not happen, and he ended up on his butt.

He eventually got it and stuck the landing.

When I went back and flew off the top, it was the most adrenaline I’ve ever had.  It’s a mental battle, suppressing your fears and trusting in your ability.

— Dylan Efron

After their day of flying, the two sit down to discuss how Cucchissi’s life has changed after leaving the army.

As an army ranger, Cucchissi is no stranger to adrenaline and now finds a meditative flow state while doing this, like jumping out of planes. Activities like speed flying have helped him adjust back into civilian life in Manhattan Beach.