For the last episode of Flow State, Dylan Efron takes good friend Aaron Diaz out to Marina Del Rey for some late-night lobster diving. Diaz is an actor, musician, and entrepreneur, Efron met Diaz through GoPro, and the two have been friends ever since. Efron looks up to Diaz as another older brother admiring that he pushes Efron to get out of his comfort zone and try something new and different.

Keeping that in mind, Efron wanted to push Diaz out of his comfort zone. Watch here to see how the telenovela star takes to a nighttime ocean adventure.

This goes against every basic instinct… It’s scary being in the ocean at night, cold and out of your element.

— Dylan Efron

The two friends were joined by expert and friend Matus Sobolic, who showed them the ropes. Efron and Diaz learned everything from preparing a new pair of goggles to measuring the lobsters correctly.

After being prepped and educated on the dos and don’ts, the three divers headed off into the night to search for some California Spiny Lobsters.

There are some critical guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to lobster diving. Lobster season is from October to March, and a diver is only allowed to take seven lobsters per dive. If a lobster doesn’t meet a strict size specification, it must be released and illegal to catch. Guidelines like these ensure a healthy population of lobster and maintain the precious ecosystems of our reefs.

I love learning new things. That’s the way a human being grows. Sometimes you just got to say go, don’t think about it, just go.

— Aaron Diaz

By the end of the night, they had snagged about 15-20 pounds of lobster and were off to find some food. Despite debating which has better Mexican food, Taco Bell or El Pollo Loco, the trio ended the night at 3:30 AM, sitting on a curb eating from a food truck and sipping on some Flyjack.