Most of our wild ales from Barrelworks are fermented with fresh, locally-sourced fruits. Big Mood, our recent collaboration with Sante Adairius Rustic Ales, is no different.

This American wild ale is co-fermented with Hollister apricots and Santa Ynez Valley white wine grapes.

We value collaboration, partnership and community, and were excited to buy 2,000 pounds of Bleneihm apricot puree from B & R Farms in Hollister, California to create Big Mood.

Why were we drawn to B & R Farms? Read on to learn why…

Simply put, the aroma of this beer is incredible.

— Jim Crooks, Barrelworks Masterblender

Like us, B & R Farms is a family-owned and operated business, located just a few hours north of our brewery in Hollister, California. For four generations and 91 years, the Rossi family of B & R Farms has passed down a passion for sharing the Blenheim apricot to hungry consumers.

What began as a small orchard of prunes, walnuts and just a few acres of apricots in 1929, has grown into an orchard of 150 acres of Blenheim apricots.

But we aren’t the first brewery to use the Blenheim apricots, nor will we be the last. Our good friends at Sante Adairius Rustic Ales have been using the Blenheim apricots for quite some time, most notably in their popular West Ashley barrel-aged Saison.

These are the same apricots that are used by Sante Adairus for their magical West Ashley. When collaborating we are often introduced to new vendors of things like fruit, wood barrels, etc., so its an awesome opportunity to make new connections.

— Jim Crooks

“We’re thrilled to work with beer companies to help elevate their craft beers with exciting, new flavors. We love seeing how the apricots add an aromatic, bright, juicy flavor. As producers of the Blenheim Apricot,  we’re so proud of its quality and unique flavor, and it’s exciting to see it being used in creative new ways for all to enjoy.” – Mari Rossi, B & R Farms Co-Owner

About the Blenheim apricot: Increasingly rare and rarely matched

Complex in flavor, the Blenheim apricot boasts a tart skin balanced with a sugary sweet inside. B & R Farms explains that like many of nature’s finest gems, the California Blenheim apricot has struggled to survive amongst the fierce international competition and global supply chain complexities.

Caring for the apricots is also a high-maintenance task with a short harvest season and delicate nature making it challenging to transport and ship.

We hope you can taste the rarety and complexities in this truly special wild ale. Big Mood is available for sale on our webstore (California only) and on draft nationally. Use the Beer Finder to locate Big Mood near you. Santé!