If you are like us, your collection of beer glasses is always growing. There’s a vast variety of beer glassware available to choose from, and the glass itself is more than just a container that holds beer – it’s a vessel that brings out the colors, aromas, and flavors we love in beer. But if you’re not a Certified Cicerone, it may seem a little overwhelming. When should you use certain glasses? And why?

Thankfully, our team are masters of the art of pairing beer with glasses, and our Sales Manager for Specialty Beers (and actual Certified Cicerone!), Josh Wood, was more than happy to share some of his knowledge. Keep reading to find out what he had to say about common types of beer glasses and the perfect Firestone beers to pair with them.

A Pilsner glass filled with Pivo Pils

The Pilsner Glass

Typically a tall, slender, and tapered glass, the Pilsner glass is designed to capture the sparkling effervescence of pilsners and lagers. The glass showcases a pilsners’ golden clarity and perfectly maintains beers’ head with etching in the bottom of the glass, which pulls carbon dioxide out of the beer and contributes beer foam (and more importantly, aroma) while drinking.

Beer Recommendation: Pivo

The Nonic Pint

The Nonic pint glass is a variation on the shaker pint and is sometimes called an English pint glass. It holds 20 ounces of beer and has a bump an inch from the top. This is partly for improved grip, partly to stop the glasses from sticking together when stacked, and partly to stop the rim of the glass from getting chipped or “nicked”, aka a “no-nick” glass. This style glass is associated with low-ABV English style beers and is a favorite of the Lion, our English-born owner David Walker.

Beer Recommendation: DBA

A bartender pours a Barrelworks beer into a Teku glass

The Teku

Designed by an Italian scientist and brewer, Tekus draw inspiration from both wine glasses and tulips, and has been perfected to deliver full flavor and aroma.  The fully stemmed glass is itself a statement piece and one of the finest beer glasses available. The nuance and balance of our Barrelworks Wild Ale program are perfect for this glass – balancing wild, fruity and tart flavors.

Beer Recommendation: Primal Elements

The Snifter

You may have heard of snifters used for brandy, but it is perfect for enticing aromatics out of beer. Its deep, incurved rim and small glass is perfect for strong, sophisticated beers. Its unique shape allows swirling, bringing aromas to the forefront. Despite its small stature, we encourage you not to fill the glass all the way –  half full is best.

Beer Recommendation: Anniversary Ale

The Glencairn

This glass takes the elements of a snifter one step further – and it was designed to smell all the nuances that complex whiskeys have to offer. The Glencairn’s tapered mouth retains delicate distilled aromas, and we find it perfect for our bourbon-barrel aged beers.

Beer Recommendation: Parabola

A Glencairn glass alongside Paraboloid

The Shaker Pint

While there are many different types of beer glasses, the Shaker pint glass is the most common for beer in the United States. This is glass you see most at bars and restaurants, and the fact that they stack easily makes them very popular. Sometimes called an American pint glass, its original function is in combination with a metal cup as a cocktail shaker. It holds 16 oz of beer and is versatile, used with most types of beers. Consider it your all-purpose beer glass.

Beer Recommendation: In a pinch – all!  We are partial to IPAs – HopnosisUnion Jack, or Mind Haze, but any beer can be served in a Shaker pint.

Willi Becher

Want to upgrade form the standard shaker pint? The Willi Becher will accommodate most styles of beer at a step above. Its tall, tapered sides promote proper head and aroma retention and make it comfortable and easy to hold. Fun fact – this glass was invented by a gentleman named Willy, while becher translates to “cup” in German.

Beer recommendation: Anything born from our Propagator R&D Brewhouse, plus your favorite IPAs including Hopnosis, Union Jack, and Mind Haze.

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