Listen now as David Walker talks all-things craft beer, celebrating the brewery’s 25th anniversary and more on The Full Pint podcast.

Danny Fullpint, the founder of The Full Pint and host of the namesake podcast, is a craft beer original and one of the early adopters of craft-focused journalism. Danny has had a front-row seat to our journey for more than 13 years, making him a perfect companion for a walk down memory lane and a peek into the future with David Walker.

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“We still feel very much like a small brewery. I still feel very artisanal about the whole thing…I don’t think there’s anybody I work with who doesn’t wander around our campus really proud of what we’ve achieved, but also a little bit in awe of it, like ‘how the hell did we manage to pull that off?’ That comes from a general humility, we’re sort of in awe of how lucky we’ve been to get this far.” – David Walker

When asked about ‘what’s next’ for the brewery David explains, “our main priority is what’s now. We’ve built a brewery in the middle of California, and we’ve got to continue to make sure that’s healthy. We can’t always be wondering and dreaming of ideas.

We make amazing hop-forward beers and need to focus on what we do today. If you look at our lineup today, we’ve fully embraced the odessy that is the IPA. Following the trend of yeast-forward, unfiltered and fruit-forward style of beer people love, but at the same time, we make our number one beer, that is 805, which is well-balanced, hard to make well, blonde ale.

When thinking of what’s next, we need to recognize what’s now needs to be perfect. What’s next is recognizing the next generation of beer drinkers, bringing them into our world, and keep the party going.”

There’s a lot of beer to be made, and beer to be drank

“75% of our beer is consumed in California,” adds David. “We are still a California brewery, and that makes me smile. We want to stay people’s local brewery, while also reaching new drinkers outside the state.”

A huge shout out to Danny Fullpint for hosting David on the podcast. Be sure to check out The Full Pint’s website and social channels for all the latest and greatest in the craft beer world.