The 2018 Bretta Rosé began when Master Blender Jim Crooks personally selected 10,000 pounds of fresh-picked raspberries from a local farm, then slow-fermented them in oak foeders with Bretta Weisse base beer for four months.

The resulting vintage features a brilliant rosé color with a raspberry perfume. Bracing acidity leads to a dry, refreshing finish with bountiful effervescence.

A limited vintage offering from Barrelworks – Firestone Walker’s storied wild ale facility.

Master Blender Jim “Sour Jim” Crooks from Barrelworks tells the story of how this beer was made with 10,000 pounds of fresh local raspberries. Watch the video on our YouTube channel.

The Brilliant Berries

Thirty miles north of Barrelworks lies the fertile Santa Maria Valley. Its warm days and cool marine layer-fed evenings allow for a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables to be grown in its rich soil.

One of Santa Maria’s crown jewels is locally grown raspberries. We jumped at the opportunity to ferment fresh local raspberries with one of our Barrelworks creations. Behold Bretta Rosé.

Limited availability, available for direct shipping in California. 5.3% ABV.