You may not be able to teach a dog new tricks, but if you start them young, you can teach them to grab you a beer. Boone the Beer Getter is a five-year-old Fox Red Lab, who is a skilled retriever, especially in the art of beer-getting. We caught up with Boone’s owner, Brent, to find out how he managed to teach his pup to tackle the ultimate skill, getting a beer from the fridge for his human.

Boone the Beer Getter retrieving a Luponic Distortion No.14.

If you ask Brent what his secret to training Boone is, he will tell you that Boone is the smartest dog he has ever been in contact with and Boone has great genetics for this type of stuff (labs live to please their owners and are very treat driven). It also is because Boone loves to learn new tricks, so much so that it only took him two weeks to learn to get a beer from the fridge and getting him to bring a koozie and take away empties was just a bonus.

Boone is not just a one-trick pup…

He is also able to keep a treat on his nose, retrieve all your sandwich ingredients, hide and seek, and of course, all the conventional tricks: fetch, rollover, shake, and play dead. It was when he got bored of doing those old tricks that Brent had to get creative.

Brent’s advice to those who want to train their pup to be a beer retriever is simply repetition. Keep at it, reward your dog generously, and make it a fun activity for them.

To see Boone in action, check out this video of him getting an ice-cold Luponic Distortion, or take a look at his Instagram page @boonethebeergetter.

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