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Order Of The Hop

American Pale Ale


Order Of The Hop is a modern, hop-forward pale ale featuring the new Cryo Pop blend from Yakima Chief Hops and experimental hop varieties HBC 638 and HBC 586, which deliver a refreshingly sessionable beer with tropical and citrus notes of mango, kiwifruit, and strawberries.

  • The Flavors

    • hops

      Cryo Pop, HBC 638, HBC 586, Simcoe

    • fermentation

      Stainless Steel

    • malts

      Rahr 2-Row, Great Western Dark Munich, Briess Carapils

    Order Of The Hop started with the news that our Brewmaster Matt Brynildson would be awarded the Order Of The Hop at the International Hop Congress in recognition of his years of service to the hop growing industry. One of the other recipients of the award was Pedro Venegas from our hop supplier Yakima Chief Hops.

    Yakima Chief approached us about collaborating on a special beer to commemorate the occasion, and we shortly got to work. We knew we wanted to brew a crisp pale ale with a huge hop aroma, perfect for sessioning during the impending hop harvest. We decided to feature Cryo Pop, a new hop blend that’s designed to give exceptional aromatic impact through identifying and then amplifying specific aromatic compounds of different hop varieties through the Cryo Hops process. We also added experimental hop varieties HBC 586 and HBC 638, which bring complex tropical and berry aromas. Finally, we needed a classic hop to bring it all together, and we decided on Simcoe, the original defining hop of the West Coast IPA heyday.

    We wanted to let the hops take center stage, so we tailored the malt bill to add just the necessary support, adding a little Munich malt to our standard pale malt to achieve a deep gold hue. Order Of The Hop was fermented with our house ale yeast and is unfiltered, displaying a light haze.


    • Draft
    • 16oz Can 4pk

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