Mystic Shadows - Firestone Walker Brewing Company
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Limited Release New Zealand IPA

A new limited-release West Coast IPA with Nelson Sauvin, Rakau, Moutere, and Motueka hops from New Zealand lend expressive notes of white gummy bear, blue raspberry, and that ethereal kiwi dankness while a clean and dry pale malt base keeps things balanced.

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  • The Flavors

    • hops

      Nelson, Rakau, Moutere, Moteuka

    • fermentation

      Stainless Steel

    • malts

      2-row, Carapils

    Mystic Shadows features hops from New Zealand. A light malt base and fermentation with our house ale yeast provide the perfect canvas to feature these alluring and captivating varieties, lending notes of white gummy bear, blue raspberry, strawberry, green mango, and bubblegum. This is a lighter-bodied, crushable IPA with a unique hop profile.


    • Mixed 12pk Bottles

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