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Barrel-Aged Ale


Mezca Limón is a twist on the authentic Mezcalita cocktail sipping experience.
  • The Flavors

    • aging

      Aged in Mezcal and Orange Bitters Barrels for over 12 months.

    Years ago, a friend from Mexico introduced our Barrel Program Manager Eric Ponce to the wonders of the Mezcalita cocktail. So it was a dream come true when Eric managed to procure barrels from an array of Oaxaca-based mezcal producers, all with the intent of crafting this Mezcalita-inspired beer. Echoing the traditional Mezcalita recipe, the specialty base beer was brewed with agave, chili peppers, and sea salt. It was then aged in the mezcal barrels with a complement matured in orange bitters barrels, all finished with a touch of lime zest. The result is fascinatingly flavorful beer that offers an authentic Mezcalita sipping experience.


    • 12oz Bottle

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