Keeping with the Black Friday tradition at Firestone Walker, we unveil two special beers available exclusively at our brewery locations and via our online beer store: Royal Street and Berry Cherry Cobbler.

After all, why buy mass-produced goods on Black Friday when you can treat yourself to limited-edition, barrel-crafted beers from our Vintage and Barrelworks programs? Here’s the lowdown:

Royal Street

Royal Street is our homage to the legendary Sazerac cocktail and its famed originator Antoine Peychaud, who pioneered the creation of aromatic bitters in 19th century New Orleans (and who happened to ply his trade on a street named Royal).

Royal Street is a blend of base beers aged for 18 months in cognac, rye whiskey, and aromatic bitters barrels, as well as ultra-rare absinthe barrels. “I’ve been searching for absinthe barrels for my entire career,” says Vintage Barrel Program Manager Eric Ponce. “There are not a lot of barrel-aged absinthes being made these days, but I finally found some.”

For a finishing touch on Royal Street, we added fresh-squeezed California lemon juice as a virtual garnish. The resulting beer delivers a journey for the senses and an authentic Sazerac-style sipping experience. Only 325 cases were produced.

Berry Cherry Cobbler

When we started brainstorming for Black Friday 2021, we decided that Barrelworks needed to jump back into the berry bush to deliver a tantalizing blend of flavors derived from blackberries, cherries, and vanilla beans.

This blend is built upon a base of our saison-style ale matured for 24 to 36 months in French oak barrels. This base was co-fermented with heaps of tart Michigan-grown Montmorency cherries as well as locally grown Elvira blackberries. Finally, we incorporated premium Madagascar vanilla beans for the finishing touch on Berry Cherry Cobbler. Only 325 cases were produced.

“The vanilla beans help tie it all together and deliver a depth of dark red fruits with a soft and comforting pie spice finish,” says Barrelworks Master Blender Jim Crooks.

Both Royal Street and Berry Cherry Cobbler are available at our three California locations and our online store, which can now ship to select states outside California. Start shopping here.

If you’re interested in beers like this and want to try more of our best barrel-aged and wild ales, click here to learn more about our Brewmaster’s Collective beer club.