At Firestone Walker, we love beer. Obviously. But there’s one beer that stands out as one of our go-to’s for every drinking season: Firestone Lager.

Impeccably brewed, impossibly smooth and immensely drinkable. 

In a craft world dominated by hoppy beers, we have gone back to the basics with Firestone Lager. This is our hardest beer to make – and our easiest one to drink. Made in the classic all-malt Munich Helles style, Firestone Lager demands technical perfection from our brewing team, with a transparent canvas that would otherwise reveal the smallest flaw. Gambrinus pilsner malt establishes a crisp, dry base with a soft mouthfeel, while noble German hops provide just a whisper of bitterness.

The result is an impossibly smooth and immensely drinkable beer that aims to help redefine American Lager.

“Firestone Lager is made for drinking, not thinking. It’s about enjoying a good, clean beer.”

— Brewmaster Matt Brynildson

Truly a beer for any occasion, and for all beer drinkers.

Firestone Lager is a “unicorn” in the craft beer industry — a broad-market beer that combines the uncomplicated, easy-drinking attributes of domestic lager with the quality and pedigree of a proven craft brewery. Hailed by USA Today, Esquire, Gear Patrol and others as a standard-bearer of the domestic craft lager movement.

4.5% ABV | 22 IBU | 6.5 SRM | Available in 12-oz cans and draft.

Stock up and fill the cooler. Find Firestone Lager Near You.